Are Jet Woodworking Tools Good? (Here’s What To Expect)

Jet tools are a good choice for both the beginner and intermediate woodworker. 

Generally, they are viewed as a fairly high-quality set of tools, comparable with other higher-end tool brands such as Grizzly, but tend to be a little more expensive than brands such as Dewalt. 

This is a general statement, of course, and the prices tend to vary rather drastically between products. 

When considering which tools to buy, it depends upon the project you are looking to do, and your skill levels. We will explore this more in this article.

The Quality of Jet Woodworking Tools

Jet woodworking tools are well known for their high standard of quality at affordable pricing. They provide a large variety of woodworking tools, including woodcutting saws and woodturning lathes of diverse sizes, and are a great option for the beginner to intermediate woodworking enthusiasts.

jet tools good

Are Jet Woodworking Tools Reliable?

Jet woodworking tools are an overall high rated brand of tools. The tools are considered dependable options for many, and receives high ratings online. 

The tool which seems universally loved is the wood lathe, known as the JWL-1221VS (on Amazon) which comes in a 12-inch variety is highly praised by many. Primarily, it is said to have a great grip on the wood, coupled with high-speed performance.

This is fairly uncommon to have together since the speed tends to cause a lot of shaking and instability when one is using the lathe. 

Although, there is one tool that seems to get mixed reaction as to whether or not it is reliable for a variety of tasks, is the Jet Miter Saw.

This saw is praised for being durable and capable of a lot; however, it is deemed by some to be too expensive when compared to other tools. Therefore, the complaint isn’t so much about the tool’s performance, as to its price compared to other tools of similar caliber. 

How Long do Jet Woodworking Tools Last?

The general consensus seems to be that most Jet tools last for a long time as long as they are maintained properly. 

With the wood lathe, it is suggested that you regularly oil the tool to ensure it remains lubricated and does not become dull and worn down due to it becoming “dry”. 

It seems then that people do not have issues with the lifespan of the Jet tool brand, so long as you are knowledgeable about proper upkeep and maintenance.

How Long is the Warranty on Jet Woodworking Tools?

After reviewing a number of the manuals for various tools from Jet, it seems most of the tools have an average warranty of 5 years. 

Although it varies per item, and the details about the warranty are to be found in the item’s individual manual. The website states that small, short-term parts are guaranteed for only 90 days, and accessories are guaranteed for 1 year. 

Jet explains on their website that during this time frame you can take your tools into their numerous locations nationwide to receive maintenance and repairs.

Although, the caveat is that if the damage is the result of neglect or carelessness on the owner’s part, it won’t be included with the warranty which is quite the norm.

How Often do You Have to Maintain Jet Woodworking Tools?

One of the best habits one can develop with tool maintenance is to perform light cleaning after each use and to perform monthly maintenance.

What should be done each month?

Well, this largely depends upon which tool you are asking about. Although with wood tools oiling is essential on a regular basis.

In the lathe it is important you lubricate any locking mechanisms in order to prevent them from getting build-up and becoming stuck.

Lubricating saws on a regular basis is also essential in order for you to get a clean cut.

Clearing out any woodchip build-up is an important part of all maintenance for your tools, especially for the saw and the lathe as they get quite a lot of build-up from use. 

Is it Easy to get Spare Parts for Jet Woodworking Tools?

Jet has an online resource center which is the easiest way to get the parts needed for your machine. They also have an (800) number which you can call and order parts directly as well.

Additionally, the company has a number of stores throughout the U.S. and many of these places sell spare parts; however, it is recommended you call ahead as there is a lot of disparity between sellers and what they have available. 

Are Jet Spare Parts Expensive?

This will have to be determined by comparing price ranges for different tools, and different brands with similar products. 

The brand which seems to be most comparable with Jet tools is the Grizzly brand. In comparison, most sare parts from both brands have decent reviews, and buyers seem satisfied with the quality of the products.

As far as pricing goes, most seem to argue that Grizzly’s parts range on a lower price scale than Jet parts. Although, when considering the quality of the tool itself, some preferred Jet over Grizzly, especially for the Woodturning lathe as it is very steady and so the little extra in spare parts may be worth it. 

Also, it really depends on the part you need to be replaced. Most filters and small parts are relatively cheap and range from around $8-$20. Whereas more major parts such as a head-stock casting for a lathe can be as much as $1,800.00 to replace.

What Problems are Associated with Jet Woodworking Tools?

One of the biggest complaints with Jet tools is their high price for shipping and their poor response time in their customer service. This, of course, is subjective and it’s possible more people who had a bad experience leave reviews online than those who had a good experience. 

Another complaint is their high price in comparison to brands like Dewalt, which many felt has similar quality with a cheaper price. Although, there is a lot of mixed reviews on this, and I think it has more to do with brand loyalty than actual quality. 

As far as technical issues with different tools, the consensus seems to be that Jet tools are steady; however, they may lack the power and speed needed for more intensive jobs.

With the Woodturning lathes, a lot of people found it better to have a tool with a higher power motor than Jet if you are looking to use it on harder woods. 

Do Jet Woodworking Tools Hold Their Value?

Overall, yes they do! Most reviews on Jet products speak highly of the brand name, and state that they were pleased with the tools. 

Jet claims that their products are durable, and are made to satisfy the woodworking enthusiast by creating a variety of tools that serve their every desire. This is true if one is to peruse their website to have a look at the vast number of tools they have for their woodworking customers. 

One characteristic of Jet’s tools is their size. Many say that Jet has a good selection of different sized tools which is great for woodworkers working with minimal space. 

Who Makes Jet Power Tools and Where are They Made?

Jet tools are a distributor of tools and tool parts to many stores such as Home Depot, and similar home improvement stores. The company began overseas, and the parts were originally imported to the U.S. from Asia. 

Although, the company has since created distribution and manufacturing facilities in the U.S. where they create their parts and sell them more directly to their wholesalers. 

How do Other Tool Brands Compare to Jet Woodworking Tools?

Here is a brief comparison between Dewalt, Grizzly, and JET tools, which are all popular woodworking tool brands.

One of the factors about Dewalt which many people in the U.S. seem to find favorable is the company being a U.S. company. Although this isn’t a quality issue, for many craftsmen this seems to be an important factor as they seem to see it as more impactful on the local economy. 

Dewalt’s tools are not considered to be as high quality as Jet’s, however, and therefore many people argue it is better to purchase Jet tools for their lifespan and work quality. 

In comparison, Grizzly and Jet seem fairly comparable as their prices and quality are about the same. The only notable difference is that the power with their saws.

Many claim that Jet’s saws are unpowered, and lack the might they need to effectively cut larger pieces of wood.

Grizzly, in comparison, seems to get high marks for their high-powered saws.