About Us

Our blog focuses on crafts such as woodworking, pottery and many more!

My vision was to create a site for craft lovers alike. Regardless of whether you are an expert, intermediate, or beginner crafter, our goal is to provide you with an awesome resource intended to give you great advice and information related to your specific craft niche.

There is a huge array of products and tools in the craft niche. We take a dive through these and try to give you our honest reviews and sentiments.

Our Background

Ever since I was a kid, I always marveled at how my granddad could turn wood into beautiful art pieces and furniture. I figured that’s where my passion for the crafts stemmed; from the teachings of my gramps, who was an expert in the trade of woodworking.

I have been an avid woodworker for just over two decades now, and over the years, I’ve tried many other crafts and grown to love a few. I guess I love the idea of turning simple raw materials like wood, clay, and sand into stunning artwork for one to admire or even create functional products that every household desires.

Through this site, I decided to share my experience and passion for the crafts with you.

I frequently publish articles on this site, intending to address common questions and problems that crafters alike experience. I try my best to keep abreast with the latest and greatest products and tools related to the craft niche.

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