What Is The Most Common Product Of Woodworking Art? (Explained)

On the surface, woodworking may appear to be an old-fashioned and coarse art.

Maybe to someone unfamiliar with the craft, it is something they imagine being done by an old man in the mountains before the dawn of the industrial revolution. Something which has outlived its utility.

This, however, is to ignore the obvious practical applications of woodworking as well as the creative and artistic aspects. 

Here are the Most Common Products of Woodworking Art

The most popular products of woodworking art are wooden plates, bowls, utensils, picture frames, pet houses, and furniture. These products are often created with an artistic finish to them. Other art products include intarsia mosaics, wood ornaments, sculptures, and elegant wooden chess pieces.

What is Woodworking Art?

Woodworking has many practical aspects, as it consists primarily of using wood to create furniture, wooden plates, bowls, and other utensils. Although, there are other forms that really show just how beautiful this art form is.

We will explore this further in the article, as well as discuss how to use this creativity in practical ways.

What are the Most Common Products of Woodworking Art that People Buy?

A Wine Rack

Why is it so popular? Is it only for wine? Personally, I do not drink much wine; however, when I saw this cute shelving unit I began to consider a variety of ways it could be utilized in my small living quarters.

Apparently, I am not the only person who thinks this, and this is part of what makes them so popular.

One of the ways I thought of using this rack was as a quick kitchen storage unit for spices I use often and maybe oils for cooking.

So to answer the questions posed above, a wine rack is a shelf designed to store wines; however, it is so snazzy looking and can be utilized in such a variety of ways that it has quickly become a popular purchase. 

Pets Supplies and Toys

Most people do not shy away from spending a decent amount on their furry friends, which makes this one a great opportunity.

How do you capitalize on this while also enabling people to give their pets the very best? Well, you could craft them a nice outdoor house (and this is vast, it doesn’t mean only a dog house!).

You can make a climbing hutch for an adventurous cat, and these don’t have to be exclusive for the outdoors, of course.

To top it all off, there are a variety of ways you can customize these projects for your client by adding their pet’s name to the house or by making them specialty designs to suit their pet’s tastes.

Chess or Checker Board

Last, we have the chess or checkerboard! This one is great because it enables the builder to, again, customize the project.

Additionally, many people view a checkerboard or chessboard as a sort of heirloom for their families and therefore are willing to pay pretty well for a beautifully handcrafted board. 

What are the Most Common Woodworking Art Projects for Beginners?

Bird Houses

The first project to come to mind when you think of starting woodworking is birdhouses. A lot of times at craft stores you can easily find a kit that will guide you through the building process, and I know this has helped me a lot in crafting.

Also, imagine all the creativity involved with choosing the house color, and painting it. It’s a lot of fun!

Picture Frames

Another more beginner-friendly project is picture frames. These make wonderful gifts as well, and they don’t require many tools.

This is also a project which you can easily find at a craft store with instructions and all the needed parts. 

There are a variety of ways to decorate these frames to suit your client’s desires. Think about where they might want to keep this, maybe their home or office, and tailor it to their needs.

What are the Different Types of Woodworking Art?

Wood Carving Art

Wood carving has a number of subcategories, but in general it consists of utilizing a sharp tool to dig into the wood piece and create an engraving.

This can be done in a way which makes a raised carving, similar to how some artisans carve marble. 

Chiseling is another way artists carve wood pieces. The primary difference between traditional carving and chiseling is that chiseling tends to be more intricate and fine, and the designs are very fine in the wood. 

Woodturning Art

Woodturning art is a form of woodcarving which manipulates the shapes on the wood by turning a machine that shapes the wood into the desired form.

Woodturning can be used to make chess pieces and a variety of wooden dishes and utensils. It creates a fine finished product with a very smooth exterior.  

Pyrography Art

This form is for all the pyrotechnics out there: it is the art of drawing on wood with a poker or a pyrography pen.

Pyrography is the art form that entails ‘writing with fire’ on wood which originally drew my brother to the craft! This can make some amazing art, including landscapes and portraits.

To some, including my brother, the scent created while burning the pinewood is quite therapeutic as well, which is just a bonus in combination with the artist’s stimulation.

Marquetry Art

This is claimed to be one of the oldest forms of wood art, as it was used by many ancient peoples to add a deeper meaning to the practical tools they created.

Essentially, marquetry is carving wood with a knife. Unlike traditional woodcarving, this form is for carving intricate and ornate designs into wooden features such as tables, chairs, and other household items.

Having these features around your home can add a touch of elegance.

Scroll Saw Art

A scroll saw is a special type of saw used by woodworkers to make very detailed designs into mostly larger pieces of wood.

Silhouettes are one of the very popular project that scroll saws can be used to create.

These make wonderful front yard decorations for everyday use or you can make them especially for the holidays.

Intarsia Wood Art

Intarsia is actually a form of scroll saw art, which consists of cutting shapes of wood that are made to fit together perfectly.

This can be seen as a sort of puzzle creation when you think about it. Although, it has a very practical purpose whereby some people use this art to create custom wooden tiles which wedge together tightly.

Are All Woodworking Projects Considered Art?

The concept of “art” is a topic many college students, professors, and even philosophers have debated for centuries.

One observation is that a practical task can be made into a sort of art if it moves the mind of the creator.

When the woodworker makes a bench for sitting to sell on the market to be used by a family one day, this is its practical use. However, if the woodworker puts their heart into the items they create, then there is an artist nature to creating that bench… and in my mind, this is art.

With that being said, clearly, some projects are objectively viewed as an art form ( such as woodcarving or chiseling); but for other creations which seem more practical in nature, it may depend more on the mindset of the creator than anything else.

What are Some Good Woodworking Projects for Beginners?

I hope this article has helped make you more excited about the possibility of beginning woodworking yourself. If you’re a beginner and feel overwhelmed with the possibilities, it might help to start simple.

Again, I highly recommend going to the local craft shop and finding a kit for the project you wish to start with.

Some ideas are dollhouse furniture, birdhouses, and garden ornamentation. Imagine how lovely your garden can look this spring if you take the time to make some painted wooden butterflies or bumblebees, maybe. These are also usually available at craft stores, and they are a great way to begin.

Just keep in mind that pursuing a hobby of interest may seem daunting at the beginning. Don’t let this discourage you… It’s important to make a start, and you will soon find out how enjoyable and rewarding the craft can be.