Is Woodworking Popular? (Interesting Facts For Beginners)

Have you ever looked at a simple piece of furniture, gorgeous wooden object, or wooden planter and wondered if you could make it?

Woodworking is a varied and accessible hobby that anyone can learn. With just a few tools and a willing attitude, you can begin your first project. Once you start with woodworking, you won’t be able to stop.

So Let’s dive into whether the craft of woodworking is popular or not…

Here’s the Rundown on Whether Woodworking is Popular:

Woodworking has shown no signs of slowing down in terms of popularity. Popular subsets include wood carving, wood burning, and woodturning. The products of woodworking are typical for application purposes and beautiful artwork. This is what attracts people and wood enthusiasts to the craft.

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Is Woodworking a Dying Art?

Is woodworking a dying art? Absolutely not! Today more people than ever are getting involved with hobbies and crafts, woodworking is becoming more popular than ever.

Instagrammers and TikTok-ers are sharing skills, tricks of the trade, and drawing attention to new trends within the hobby.

Etsy sellers and hobbyists with homegrown businesses are doing extremely well, as the popularity of wooden décor makes a resurgence.

Keep reading for hot new trends, suggestions for starting your own workshop, and beginner project ideas.

What’s Trending in Woodworking?

Woodworking projects and art are all around us. Here are some of the more popular crafting and décor trends right now:

Epoxy Resin Art

Resin Art is a mesmerizing trend on social media right now.

Artisans and woodworkers take planed wood with natural edges and bond them together with a colorful resin mixture.

The end result can look like a river is running through the table or evoke other natural and fanciful images.

Another fun variation using resin is encasing blocks of wood and then carving them into another object, like a candlestick or goblet.

The wood mixes with the resin for a fun visual.

Wooden Signs

Right now wooden signs are a staple of modern décor.

Touting phrases such as “Live, Laugh, Love,” holiday wishes, or other clever sayings, these signs are popping up on mantles, front doors, and walls everywhere.

Made from scrap materials, these projects are cheap and can be fun.

Wood stencils and paint or vinyl lettering are used to create the sayings. Don’t be surprised if you see your neighbors have one on their front steps for every season.

Inlaid Woodwork

Projects made from different types of wood create beautiful multicolored mosaics.

This is a trickier project for beginners, but the end results really show off the beauty of the wood.

This technique can be used on large projects like benches and tables, and other smaller projects like trays and wall art.

Is Woodworking a Good Hobby?

Taking time to create has mental health benefits and a meditative quality — who doesn’t love zoning out while working on a great project.

The finished product is something tangible, beautiful, and often functional, creating a sense of accomplishment that is real and well deserved.

Woodworking is one of the oldest hobbies in the world and it is an easy one to get started.

Simple tools are all that is necessary. Of course, powered upgrades are available — but it really depends on how you choose to work. And even beginners are capable of making something stunning.

Woodworking can also help you save money around the house through D.I.Y. and fix it yourself projects.

This hobby can also help you make money and is, of course, extremely satisfying.

What Woodworking Hobbies are Popular?

The most basic definition of woodworking is the act of making things out of wood.

However, there are actually many hobbies that fall within the category of woodworking.

Constructing objects is the most common. This would include making furniture, shelves, signs, décor, and more.

There are other popular subsets, that rely less on construction such as:

  • Woodcarving – sculpting a block of wood
  • Wood burning – drawing on or engraving wood with a heated tool
  • Wood turning – using a lathe to cut the wood symmetrically

Can You Make Money Woodworking at Home?

If the sheer quantity of sellers and products on Etsy is any indication, woodworking is far from a dying hobby.

If you specialize in one type of project, the investment in tools can be a manageable upfront cost.

Also, there are lots of projects that can be made with scrap materials contributing to both sustainability and higher profit margins.

In addition to selling on Etsy, artists and makers should look for local craft fairs, and rely on the power of Facebook marketplace and other ways of selling local.

Popular Woodworking Ideas to Help You Get Started

If you’re keen and looking to get started on your first woodworking project but don’t know where to begin, here are some popular projects and woodworking resources that will be of help.

What are Some Popular Woodworking Projects?

There are thousands of projects available on the internet and in books. Below are a few of the traditional ones as well as some modern options for beginners.

The Birdhouse

The birdhouse is the staple of school woodworking classes for a reason. It is a fairly simple project to put together for novice craft enthusiasts and there are many birdhouse kits available at reasonable prices.

Check out this SparkJump Birdhouse Craft Kit, a beautiful cedar wood birdhouse from Amazon for just under $50!

A Bench

Benches are useful, come in lots of styles, can be used inside or out, and can be surprisingly simple to make.

Of course, there are some super fancy ones out there for people with a little more experience, but this popular AnySize Chair or Bench Ends from Amazon is a great one to try. With this project, you have the flexibility to choose the wood of your choice.


This Salem 48″ Unfinished Fireplace Mantel Shelf is another simple project with a functional use.

It comes with beautiful Asian Choi wood which is handcrafted in the USA.

This mantel shelf looks like something from a magazine and can be easily customized with different types of stain, or paint.


Trays can be used as décor, serving dishes, or for carrying around lots of smaller items.

This DIY Wooden Dice Tray Kit from Etsy is simple, fun, and great for beginners.

If you are looking for something a little more challenging, this DIY Calder Wood Serving Tray Kit is a great way to put your new skills to the test.

What are Some Popular Woodworking Tools?

When you go to set up your own workshop deciding on tools can be a little overwhelming.

There are lots of them out there and they can get expensive and can really depend on what you want to make.

There are, however, some tools that will be helpful no matter what.


You are going to need to cut the wood down to size no matter the project.

The cheapest option is a hand saw (yes there are multiple types) but most likely you are going to want something with a little more power.

A miter saw will give you precise cuts, including angles, and will be a staple of your workshop.

Another great option is the jigsaw. Often overlooked, this tool will give you options for detailed work and non-standard cuts.


No matter how great the saw or the wood, you are going to want to sand down edges to prevent splinters and to give a finished look.

Sandpaper comes in many sizes and is great for small details. For larger projects, or long flat surfaces an electric sander is a great investment.


There are many ways to hold you projects together. One of the strongest, is actually the least expected — wood glue.

No matter what else you use, if you want it to be permanent you should use this adhesive.

However, you also want a way to keep the wood together while the glue dries. For this, you will need something more.

A clamp is a temporary option that requires you to really rely on the glue. But it has lots of other options as well.

Other choices are a hammer and nails, screw and screwdriver or drill, or a staple or brad gun.

Finally, some other necessities include:

  • Tape measure – the adage goes “Measure twice, cut once”
  • Pencil – carpenter pencils are flat not round and will help mark cuts in the right place
  • Safety protection – sawdust goes everywhere and power tools can get loud so goggles, dust mask, and earplugs are a must

What are Some Popular Woodworking Books?

Good Clean Fun: Misadventures in Sawdust at Offerman Woodshop by Nick Offerman

Not just a book full of projects, this includes entertaining tidbits and stories from the workers at the Offerman Workshop.

The Why & How of Woodworking: A Simple Approach to Making Meaningful Work by Michael Pekovich

This book talks about the basics of woodworking and the handmade movement.

The Complete Manual of Woodworking by Albert Jackson and David Day

Using great illustrations, this book delves into multiple different techniques.